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edith jacobson vsim

edith jacobson vsim Patient Case #2   Patient: Edith Jacobson Diagnosis: Left hip fracture Brief Summary : Edith Jacobson is an 85-year-old white female with a history of osteoporosis. She lives at home by herself where she fell and broke her left hip yesterday evening, after having complaints of dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. She is scheduled […]

why does the kkk burn crosses

why does the kkk burn crosses Burning of Cross The burning of a cross in America is a symbolic act associated with hate, prejudice, and many, many injustices. The burning cross emerged during a time when racial tension was at its highest and members of the Ku Klux Klan used this as a symbol for […]

historical lenses

historical lenses How historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic.  Using the below secondary source article Malloy, S. L. (2012). ‘A very pleasant way to die’: Radiation effects and the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan. Diplomatic History, 36(3), 515–545. Retrieved from http://ezproxy.snhu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=cookie,ip,url,cpid&custid=shapiro&db=a9h&AN=74547716&site=ehost-live&scope=site Read the article, write a discussion post (150 […]

trader joe’s mission statement

trader joe’s mission statement Table of Contents     Executive Summary   The Company 3 Mission Statement 3 Vision Statement 3 SWOT Analysis 4 The Product 5 Operations overview 6 Analysis of the Operations perspective Stock and staff management for Operations Staff Training, HQ Recommendations Summary References                 […]

carl shapiro vsim

carl shapiro vsim Patient Introduction Carl Shapiro is a 54-year-old male who travels frequently. He was seen in the Emergency Department at 1:30 p.m. for complaints of chest pain, diaphoresis, and shortness of breath. He was treated in the Emergency Department with aspirin and two doses of sublingual nitroglycerin. Chest pain improved with nitroglycerin administration. […]

henry reyna

Zoot Suit: henry reyna Summary The first Chicano play on Broadway, Zoot Suit incorporates bilingual dialogue and alienated Mexican Americans. The play grew out of California Chicano guerrilla theater. Luis Miguel Valdez questions newspaper accounts of the Los Angeles zoot-suit-Columbus Day riots and the related Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial (1942). The drama uses song, dance, […]

windshield survey example paper

windshield survey example paper Windshield Survey Maggie Siler Ferris State University Running head: WINDSHIELD SURVEY 1 WINDSHIELD SURVEY 4       WINDSHIELD SURVEY 2   Windshield Survey Community assessment is crucial to planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs to improve the health of a population. A windshield survey is an informal method used by […]


HYPOTHETICAL SYLLOGISMS Hypothetical thinking involves “If . . . then . . .” reasoning. According to some psychologists, the mental model for hypothetical thinking is built into our brain and enables us to understand rules and predict the consequences of our actions. We’ll be looking at the use of hypothetical reasoning in ethics in greater […]

The Pillow Method Shifting

The Pillow Method Shifting MINI-ASSIGNMENT #1: The Pillow Method The Pillow Method was developed by a group of Japanese school children; the pillow method gets its name from the fact that a problem has four sides and middle, just like a pillow. Position 1–I’m right and you’re wrong This is the perspective that we usually […]

cyte medical term

cyte medical term *USE THE ATTACHED POWERPOINTS TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT* 1. Since every medical term should have a suffix, knowing  the meaning of a suffix is a crucial part to understanding the meaning of a medical term. Choose three medical terms with different suffixes and explain their meanings. 2. The suffix -cyte means cell […]