120 Creative Problem Solution Essay Topics and Ideas for University and College Students

Problem Solution Essay Topics and Ideas for University and College Students

Writing a Problem Solution Essay

A problem solution essay helps come up with solutions to existing problems in the united states or the world. These problems or topics usually seem negligible and are often brushed off. Apart from being educative, ideas in the problem solution essay often lead to great causes like offering relief in a third world country. Ideally, you need to ensure that you deliver your topic with a good organization of ideas and authority. Problem solution essays capture the solution to an existing problem, and must be set in a logical manner explaining how to solve the problem. Writing a problem solution essay is easy, and solution 1 should clearly be different from solution 2. A good problem usually has several possible solutions. Therefore, you should make sure that your paper gives the best solution to the problem.

Picking a Topic

It is easy to find a great problem solution essay topic. You might need to find the challenges you encounter in daily life. Holding simple brainstorming sessions could help you identify great topics. Your topic selection must pique the readers’ interest and invite them to continue reading your essay. Readers want to learn new things that expand their perspective. You can choose your topic through brainstorming, collaborating with friends, or identifying issues from online resources and newspapers.

Finding a Solution

Once you’ve spotted a certain problem, you must find equally compelling solutions to it. Typically, it does not suffice to provide only one solution. You need alternatives to the solution you pick. Finding solutions to your problem can be as easy as visiting online resources, sourcing ideas from experts, or even talking with your friends. Remember, the more research-backed your solution is, the higher you will score. At the very least, you need to have three solutions to the problem.

Essay Outline

In order to write a problem solution essay, you must create an outline that will help you deliver your ideas with some level of organization. It ensures you have enough foresight into the flow and delivery of your problem solution topics in your essay’s content. Ideally, each essay outline can be divided into three parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. You can also categorize problem solutions as subtopics e.g. Solution 1 and Solution 2. Or Problem 2 where there are several.


Your introduction needs to help your lecturer ease into the topic. It should introduce the problem and part of the solution without giving too much of it away. You can always start your introduction with a quote, humor, statistic, or a general but relatable statement. By the end of reading your intro, your instructor needs to have a good idea of what the rest of the article will talk about.

Body Paragraphs

For this type of essay, your body paragraphs will simply need to break down your solutions. Each paragraph needs to contain a single idea for the problems and solutions. Be sure to do enough research to make the body paragraphs as detailed as possible. You can get information from almost everywhere; it all trickles down to how you approach research. Feel free to talk to lecturers and experts, visit the library, read magazines, and even visit YouTube.


This is where you get to wind up the essay. You can choose to end with a quote, recap the main points of the essay, or use a call to action.

List of 120 Problem Solution Essay Topics in Different Subject Categories:

College Life:

  • The suicide issue among college students.
  • Preventing Sexual assaults/harassment within the campus.
  • Student loans and affordable payment plans.
  • Book learning vs. application-based learning.
  • Increase in the number of college dropouts.
  • The continued rise in the cost of getting a college education.
  • Time management and Beating procrastination.
  • Noise management in campus hostels.
  • An insight into a college student’s diet and improving it.
  • Co-living with the “stranger” that is your new college roommates.


  • Balancing the books and sport.
  • Holding on to that sports scholarship.
  • What’s the limit for parents pushing their kids to score?
  • Managing publicity stress.
  • Therapy for players after a loss.
  • How to get out of being benched.
  • Career options for retired athletes.
  • Harnessing a winning mentality.
  • Putting an end to conflict among supporters in stadiums.
  • How to avoid sports injuries.

Family Life:

  • Lack of equal parent affection for children.
  • Managing parent-children conflict.
  • Managing a child’s challenge to your authority as a parent.
  • Post-divorce life for children.
  • Bringing the different families together after divorce.
  • Domestic violence amongst couples.
  • Solving the overprotective parent problem.
  • Keeping calm and managing children anger outbursts.
  • Living with a nagging parent.
  • How to restore the marriage after infidelity.
  • Drug abuse among teenagers.


  • Decongesting the roads and easing traffic jam.
  • Drunken driving accident management.
  • Stopping the abuse of the handicap parking spots.
  • Encouraging public transportation via increased gas taxation.
  • Transport, fuel and environmental degradation.
  • Better drivers: should driving lessons be incorporated in the college curriculum?
  • How can pedestrian safety be improved?
  • Should some traffic laws be eased?
  • Putting an end to police brutality among traffic officers.
  • How to put an end to human trafficking.

Environmental Issues

  • Should carbon taxes be increased to reduce companies’ environmental degradation?
  • How do we stop wildlife extinction?
  • How to stop sport poaching.
  • How to preserve aquatic life.
  • Solutions for natural resource depletion.
  • Creating a substitute for pesticides to save the ecosystem.
  • Hazardous wastes pose a threat to plant, animal, and human life. Should the laws against reckless waste disposal be redefined and tightened?
  • How the younger generation can contribute to eliminating climate change.
  • Melting glaciers and longed deserts periods resulting from global warming.
  • How to reduce the emission of exhaust fumes to the environment.

Social Issues

  • How to depopulate urban areas.
  • Should politicians and the rich pay more taxes?
  • How can the deaths among male youth be decreased?
  • Should door to door evangelism be prohibited?
  • There has been a rise in the number of deaths by suicide cases in the youth. How can it be managed?
  • Gender equality in the army has come a long way. Should women be allowed in combat assignments or roles?
  • How do we reduce the rich-poor margin?
  • Race is a distinctive difference between people. How to end racial-charged police brutality?
  • Divorce rates have risen in the past decade. Should divorce laws be revised to prevent divorce?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?


  • Reducing cyberbullying by making it a crime.
  • Should children get to meet their incarcerated parent?
  • To enforce prisoner rehabilitation into the society, can prisons place the rehabilitating prisoners into jobs/posts in companies suiting them once out of prison?
  • How can white-collar crimes be reduced?
  • Should the age for prosecuting a minor be lowered to reduce teen gangs?
  • Would easing drug laws reduce drug crimes?
  • Should spouses be exempted in testifying their partners’ criminal cases?
  • Most companies are hesitant to take in recruits just out of prison. Should it be a requirement for companies to have a certain number of rehabilitating prisoners?
  • How can police brutality be put to an end?
  • How to put an end to radicalized terrorism.
  • Children are very perceptive of their environment. Should children from violent homes receive compulsory therapy for a better future?


  • How to reduce the money laundering problem in the nation.
  • Will increasing banks’ reserve requirements lower currency inflation?
  • How to reduce the high unemployment levels.
  • How to reduce worker exploitations.
  • How to protect students from predatory student loan policies.
  • How to put an end to child labor.
  • Rise in claims of bankruptcy and how to avoid it.
  • How to reduce the uncertainties that come with a globalized business environment.
  • What is the solution to consumer debt?
  • How to brace the nation for an economic depression such as is happening due to COVID-19.


  • How to settle disagreements between partners.
  • How to encourage therapy in the African-American community.
  • Infidelity in relationships.
  • Living and exiting an abusive relationship
  • How to identify an unhealthy relationship.
  • Identifying predators in online dating sites and applications.
  • Should couples keep their relationship off social media?
  • How to rekindle love after parenthood.
  • How to intervene if your friend is in an abusive relationship, as a third party.
  • How to get back to dating after divorce.


  • Should students repeat a unit after a failed supplementary exam, or simply repeat the exam?
  • How can we make learning institutions safer?
  • Should sex education be handled by parents or by the teachers?
  • Should redshirting be prohibited?
  • Preparing home-schooled children for college.
  • Improving the incentives for teachers to make public schools more attractive.
  • Ensuring zero truancy in schools.
  • Allocating more funds to co-curricular activities in schools.
  • Improving technological adequacy by introducing electronics like laptops and iPads to students early in schools.
  • Negating bullying in school to create a healthier society.

General Topics

  • Managing your eating habits to beat obesity.
  • Rehabilitating run-away children.
  • How to avoid getting pressured into poor decisions.
  • Ways to treat your insomnia.
  • Why people drop out of schooling systems.
  • How to get out of drug addiction.
  • How to get out of gambling debt.
  • How to stop religious radicalization.
  • How to create racial equality.
  • Creating contractual homes for the homeless.


  • How to disconnect from social media.
  • Should all technological fields hold seminars to introduce themselves to new and upcoming technologies?
  • Has technology dwarfed student critical thinking skills?
  • Technological literacy in learning institutions and teaching staff.
  • How to use technology to stop accidents that occur from driving while texting.
  • How to improve c-suite executive buy-in on technological investments.
  • How to beat cyber insecurity.
  • Is time-stamping enough security in cryptocurrency?
  • What jobs will remain for people after automation takes the root of all businesses?
  • How to make Artificial Intelligence self-aware?

Solutions to Problems:

Solutions to your posed problems may not always come easy. Due to that, here are some steps to help smooth out the thought process for you:

  1. Spreading awareness within society.
  2. Eliminating barriers towards a sustainable solution.
  3. Improving accountability among the stakeholders.
  4. Creating policies to eliminate the problem.
  5. Using incentives to eliminate the problem.
  6. Changing the order of the procedure used.
  7. Building a new structure altogether.
  8. Change of attitude and leadership.

Get To Writing

Writing a high-scoring solution essay will trickle down to the kind of research you do with a clear knowledge of how to solve the problem. Be sure to get your information from credible sources and reference them within the essay. You should also work on creating an amazing storyline to assist with the delivery of your ideas. Now you know how to write problem solution essays.




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