50 Interesting Sports Research Paper Topics for College Students

Sports play a huge role in today’s society. They represent cultural inclinations; they bring hope to marginalized demographics; they are vessels for social change; and they are fun to watch. For most people, sports acts as a distraction from real-life problems, even if it is for a moment.

Lucky for you, writing a sports research paper can be quite easy. You can find inspiration for picking the ideal topic from almost everywhere. There are multiple talk shows and newspapers that address sports. If you fail to get some ideas from these sources, you can take a look at the social media platforms of your favorite athletes.

All in all, the battle of scoring high in your research paper will be half-won if you pick the ideal topic. It becomes easier to research the topic, argue your points, and identify groundbreaking ideas. If you are stuck trying to come up with a worthy topic, worry not. We have outlined 50 topics that will give you a great idea of what to write. You will also find insights here on how to ensure you score high on your essay.

A List of 50 Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. What has made Nike successful in signing basketball athletes?
  2. What nutritional changes do athletes need to make to improve their performance?
  3. How to treat chronic overstrains in athletes
  4. How much training is too much
  5. How athletes can get their minds back to the game after being sidelined by injuries
  6. Thermal and solar strike during sports competitions
  7. How to keep sports alive during a pandemic
  8. What made the NBA Bubble successful at containing the Corona Virus?
  9. How to eliminate gender-based discrimination in sports
  10. Why was Michael Jordan a cultural icon as an athlete?
  11. Best ways to source money for sports events
  12. Why WNBA players get less pay than NBA players?
  13. How sports has changed the fate of marginalized communities
  14. What can be done with wastewater in athletic swimming pools?
  15. How sports has become an integral part of corporate marketing
  16. How to improve team chemistry among teammates
  17. Do nations that invest more in sports have a better economy than those that don’t?
  18. The long-term effects of hosting an Olympic event
  19. Why are some countries against hosting Olympics events?
  20. How to prevent corruption in sports
  21. The best diets for injury prevention among athletes
  22. Could athletic success be inherited?
  23. Sports regulations that should be abolished
  24. Mind vs. body: what matters more in sports performance?
  25. How sleep affects athletic performance
  26. Why cross-training should become mainstream in all sports
  27. How exercise regimens change with the sports being played
  28. Are champions made or born?
  29. What place do mental health conversations have in sports?
  30. How can athletes improve their privacy in a world that wants to follow an athlete’s every step?
  31. How does fame impact sports performance?
  32. The correlation between muscle mass and the neural system determining an athlete’s strength
  33. Does character affect sports performance?
  34. How do sports rules impact athletic performance?
  35. Does sex have an impact on sports performance?
  36. Are sports a reasonable career choice?
  37. How to sell sports tickets despite language and cultural differences
  38. Is it ethical for an athlete to advertise fast foods?
  39. What impact does posting on social media have when it comes to bringing fans to a sport?
  40. What does it take to turn casual sports fans into a loyal fan base?
  41. Are sports analytics a blessing or a curse?
  42. How can gyms attract more people into their facilities?
  43. Do athletes need a sports manager?
  44. What are the effects of cross-gender coaching in sports?
  45. Discuss a new sport and the best ways to take in mainstream
  46. How golf has been a vessel for business deals
  47. Outline the role sports lawyers have in the sports world
  48. How should athletes value themselves before signing contracts with a franchise?
  49. Why are psychologists essential in sports?
  50. Where should franchises draw the line between treating team members as an asset and real human beings?

How to Write an Interesting Research Sports Essay

A high scoring essay will depend highly on how you put your points and arguments across. You should narrow your topic down to specific points, other than talking about entire sports. For instance, try addressing team chemistry among LA Lakers’ players instead of talking about the entire NBA in general.

Regardless of the topic you pick, you ought to do enough research. The good thing about sports essays is that you can find information everywhere. Sports are widely covered in the media. The trick is to do research to find information about your current topic. You can always talk to friends and family about your research too.

If you can make your essay interesting, your instructor will enjoy it. However, avoid focusing too much on making the essay interesting that you steer away from the topic.

Final Draft: A clean copy that has been proofread and ready to be submitted.

You should avoid submitting your first draft of the essay. The first draft typically has errors, both grammatical and factual. You can also always find ways to argue a point with more clarity.

Take time refining your research and writing to come up with a strong essay. You can always seek a friend’s help with proofreading. Ask them to read through your essay. Be on the lookout for:

  • If you skipped anything in the outline
  • Did you create a great flow throughout the essay?
  • How clear are your points and intentions?
  • Did you create a strong starting argument with your thesis statement?


Feel Free To Seek Expert Help

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